Our Story

Data Access Solutions Inc (DAS) founded in 2001 quickly grew into an enterprise software development company with a market sector focus on Non Profit Organizations. DAS first product E Council was a 100% web based software solution that was designed for and used by Girl Scout Councils across the USA. When E Council was released in 2002 it was cutting edge technology at the time and it became one of the first Membership Enterprise web based software applications at a time long before the term cloud based software. E Council included 13 software modules and many cutting edge automated selection and communication features. It was used by Girl Scout Councils for over 15 years.

In 2009 DAS developed and released MyStudentsProgress (MSP) which is a Student Information System (SIS) software solution for K-12 private schools. MSP includes over 20 software modules that provides seem less data integration and replaces multiple software programs that were being used by private schools. The result was MSP becoming one of the fastest growing EdTech software solutions in private K-12 education.