Leadership Team

Mike Nissly


Prior to founding DAS Mike spent over 16 years as a Sales and Marketing executive. He has extensive experience in international sales where he lead a global sales team of over 200 people and negotiated multiple licensee’s agreements in Japan, Europe and South America. He had extensive experience in the global implementation of an SAP ERP solution that lead his passion for providing technology solutions.

Mike’s business experience and vision enables him to solve complex business problems with a focus on meeting the technology needs in potential markets. He is a skilled business vision who is always focused on providing the best solutions for DAS clients and the business.

Mike resides in Roseville, California where he manages our DAS corporate headquarters in Rocklin, California. Mike is a passionate football fan and enjoys traveling, cycling, golf and spending time with his wife Linda, children and grandchildren.

Chris Eversole


Prior to founding DAS Chris had extensive database management experience in working with large database management companies that managed large Non Profit organizations databases. This large scale database management experience and the technology solutions required to serve this industry served as an excellent spring board to lead the software development team at DAS.

Chris’s has over 15 years of experience at DAS in the Software Development Life Cycle. His attention to detail and people skills enable him to meet with clients and understand how their business operates, capture work flow processes and identify critical communication trigger points to meet the business objectives of the client and the software functionality. This experience enables him document complex business rules and presented this information as the programming specifications documents that our programming department uses to write our software solutions.

Chris resides and manages our DAS office Clearwater Florida. Chris is highly competitive by nature and is an avid tennis player. He enjoys the Florida sunshine, beach and spending time his wife Cindy and their 3 sons.