Expertly-developed Software Solutions

There is no substitution for experience when it comes to developing innovative software solutions. Founded in 2001, Data Access Solutions began delivering web-based software applications before the term cloud-based software even existed.

With technological expertise and nearly 20 years of large-scale database management experience, we specialize in addressing your business objectives and delivering seamless software functionality.

Cutting-edge Software Designed for Your Organization’s Specific Requirements

When off the shelf software just doesn’t work for you, and what you really need is software that will simplify the complex business challenges specific to your organization, Data Access Solutions is your trusted choice.

Our clients become developmental partners as we work together identifying critical communication points and capturing details of your business operations. Data Access Solutions will help you think outside of the box while developing software solutions that are designed to meet your organization’s unique goals and objectives.

At DAS, we practice what we preach. In fact, when we recognize a need and an industry that align with our strengths, we will invest our own resources to fulfill that niche.

DAS is very selective in our partnerships to insure a win-win fit. However, if you have a project that you want us to review – please reach out to us so we can learn more!

Data Access Solutions understands
that clients entrust us with important data.

That’s why we consider protecting that sensitive data one or our utmost priorities. Along with multiple levels of security included through our chosen hosting partner, CenturyLink, including 24/7 First Touch Response support and on-site technical staff, Data Access Solutions also implements a number of security measures as part of our robust Information Security Policy, including:

Internal network anti-virus protection

Detecting any programs/files/software, including potentially harmful files that are downloaded or attached to an email

Firewalls to protect unauthorized or brute-force access

Monitoring network traffic and connection attempts and categorically straining out potentially harmful data

SSL Encryption

Ensuring your data will never be intercepted when traveling between your computer and our servers

Data Access Solutions Inc (DAS) founded in 2001 quickly grew into an enterprise software development company with a market sector focus on Non Profit Organizations. DAS first product E Council was a 100% web based software solution that was designed for and used by Girl Scout Councils across the USA. When E Council was released in 2002 it was cutting edge technology at the time and it became one of the first Membership Enterprise web based software applications at a time long before the term cloud based software. E Council included 13 software modules and many cutting edge automated selection and communication features. It was used by Girl Scout Councils for over 15 years.

In 2009 DAS developed and released MyStudentsProgress (MSP) which is a Student Information System (SIS) software solution for K-12 private schools. MSP includes over 20 software modules that provides seem less data integration and replaces multiple software programs that were being used by private schools. The result was MSP becoming one of the fastest growing EdTech software solutions in private K-12 education.

The co-founders of Data Access Solutions are Mike Nissly, CEO and Chris Eversole COO. Mike brings vast global experience as a CEO with a strong emphasis in business development through the execution of proven Sales and Marketing plans. This experience has prepared Mike with the ability to focus on solving complex business challenges through innovative technology solutions. Chris Eversole is the detailed visionary of DAS where he provides the execution, documentation and communication of complex client requirements by creating the internal processes to execute the implementation of complex data driven solutions.

Mike Nissly


Chris Eversole


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